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Use Cases

This plugin draws heavy inspiration from the data plugin. It basically tries to solve the same problem of assigning structured data to pages and build automatic aggregations from it. So why another plugin? The data plugin proved to be very useful and versatile but had a few shortcomings:

  • each page defined its own set of structured data
  • there was no central way to ensure the structured data was consistent over multiple pages
  • there was no easy way to modify the structured data set for multiple pages
  • there was no validation for the data entered

So struct tries to rethink the data plugin:

  • structured data is classified in schemas
  • a schema holds a set of fields
  • fields have a specific type
  • types control how the data is displayed and validated
  • types have specific configuration within the schema
  • schemas are managed centrally in an admin interface
  • pages are assigned schemas through namespace patterns
  • changing a schema changes it for all associated pages
  • the structured data is no longer part of the page syntax
  • data is only edited via a dedicated form within the standard editor or through inline editing
  • it is possible to create lookup schemas where data is not attached to any page
  • lookup schemas can be used as data source for dropdowns
  • all crucial code is covered by automated tests

This allows for central management of wanted structured data while keeping the functionality of the data plugin.


Install the plugin using the Extension Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin.

:!: External requirements:

  • :!: Please also note that this plugin requires PHP 5.6 or higher.


  • Eine Integration mit dem Bureaucracy-Plugin wird angestrebt
  • Struct-Schema und Aggregationsdefinition soll innerhalb von Farmen synchronisierbar sein: Farmsync-Plugin soll dies können